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Editorial support

Editorial committee

The Editorial Committee responsible for planning the newsletter, identifying the relevant contributions to be included, requesting external contributions and guiding the editorial process.
Is composed by:

General Coordinator
F. Xavier Bosch

International Coordinators
Xavier Castellsagué, Patti Gravitt

Coordinators for Latin America
Eduardo Lazcano, Gonzalo Pérez,
Silvio Tatti

Coordinator for Spain
Silvia de Sanjosé, Javier Cortés

Coordinator for France and Fracophone countries
Christine Clavel

Coordinator for Italy
Flavia Lillo

Coordinator for Germany
K. Ulrich Petry

Coordinator for Portugal and Brazil
Clara Bicho

Coordinator for Asia-Pacific Area
Susan Garland

Coordinator for Russia
Svetlana I. Rogovskaya

Coordinator for China
You-Lin Qiao

Coordinator for Japan
Ryo Konno

Scientific committee

Lembers of the Scientific Committee serve as advisors to the project and occasionally contribute sections or give interviews. Their primary concern is aimed at the scientific contents of the publication and the independency of the editorial committee.

Th Agorastos, Ch Bergeron, JC Boulanger, Ll Cabero, S Campo, P Coursaget, J Cuzick, Ph Davies, S Dexeus, E Diakomanolis, S Franceschi, L Gissmann, A Guerra, T Iftner, D Jenkins, V Késic, S Krüjer-Kjaer, Ch Lacey, CJLM Meijer, J Monsonego, L Olmos, G de Palo, H Pfister, W Prendiville, Ll M Puig-Tintoré, P Sasieni, A Singer, P Snijders, M Stanley, S Syrjanen, P Stern, M Tommasino, G Von Krogh, M Van Ranst

L Alexander, HV Bernard, T Broker, T Cox, A Ferenczy, E Franco, F Guijón, S Goldie, A Jenson, WM Kast, R Kurman, L Pirisi-Creek, T Rohan, R Richart, KV Shah, J Schiller, J Sherris, M Steben, R Viscidi.

Latin America
M Hernández, R Herrero, R Prado, S Robles, R Testa, L Villa

L Denny

I-Wuen Lee

I Frazer, S Garland

Editorial Staff

Alejandro Santos
Cristina Rajo