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Nº 34

September 2015


Mark H. Stoler
HPV screening endorsed by scientific societies and regulatory agencies in the United States and Europe.


Jorma Paavonen
HPV- vaccination and gender equity.


Philip E Castle
Understanding the limitations of cytology for screening.

Thomas C Wright and Catherine M Behrens
Key Findings of the ATHENA Study.

Nicolas Wentzensen
Triaging HPV-positive women.

Julia C Gage
The role of epidemiology in discerning optimal cervical cancer screening strategies.

Warner K Huh
The Interim Guidance to HPV Screening.

Vicki Benard and Mona Saraiya
HPV Testing in the United States: Perspectives from Systems, Providers and Women.

Karen Canfell
The Australian Example: An integrated approach to HPV vaccination and cervical screening.

In memoriam: Dr. Mario Sideri

Fedro Peccatori & Dorella Franchi